Born in New York, from the love of fashion, arts, music, film and travel between a married couple – Scott and Amy. We envisioned bringing a wardrobe for all, with a mixture of traditional and modern. Our hearts are in New York and our heritage is from Mississippi. 

We aren’t just a fashion brand but a way of life. Scott and Amy have been curating a vintage collection for over 10 years. Scott always placed an emphasis on details and why they exist (historically accurate) and an interest in the effects of sociocultural and political events on style and fashion. Both are focused on the various levels of quality textiles and the importance of well-constructed garments. With their love of antiques and vintage furniture, jewelry, clothing; a collection with a soul was born. 

Our designs are for work and weekend, both the city and country lifestyle. We design investment pieces that transition from season to season, year after year.

Welcome to our world made with love, made to last.


Scott Burr, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Heirloom Amalgam

Scott Burr began his career in the hospitality industry where he quickly advanced to become the  youngest director in company history at Ameristar Casino. Charged with managing the hotel's entire  operation, Burr was eventually credited with elevating it to the highly acclaimed property it is today.  Leaning on his strong management and brand building background, Burr shifted his focus to fashion. He  landed a coveted role at Ralph Lauren's Madison Avenue flagship store in New York, where he found  himself inspired to start his own fashion venture. 

Burr has always had an obsession with understanding socio-cultural movements and vintage relics. What  first started as a hobby of finding the perfect vintage graphic tees on eBay has since evolved to a passion  for Burr that now includes antique militaria, workwear, and sportswear. These passions and his unique  eye for details allowed him to curate a collection that he later named Heirloom Amalgam, a fashion  brand that unites traditional and modern to create a wardrobe for all. 

Now residing in New York City with his wife and co-founder, Amy, Scott can often be found sourcing new  vintage pieces for his growing collections. On top of running a fashion company, Scott and Amy have a  two-year-old son and recently welcomed another baby boy into the family in June of 2021. As a family,  they love to create new memories together by traveling to find new art, music, and style inspiration.


Amy Burr, Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director of Heirloom Amalgam

Amy Burr is a fashion industry veteran with over a decade of experience working with the world’s most respected and renowned design houses. Through her years of climbing the ranks at Saks Fifth Avenue, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Chanel, Burr built a toolbox of skills that allowed her to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer. Tapping into her love of antiques and vintage clothing, Burr partnered with her husband, Scott, to create Heirloom Amalgam - a timeless collection of wardrobe staples that take inspiration from past generations. Amy’s eye for quality and design can be seen throughout the line with luxurious textiles and modern twists on vintage silhouettes. Amy resides in New York City with her husband and co-founder, Scott, their dog, and two sons. As a family, they like beginning new traditions and creating special memories together. When she isn’t working, Amy can be found cooking, shopping for antique furniture, and loves to explore new regions of the world to draw inspiration into upcoming collections.